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McCAD 3-SPICE is based on the latest version (3F5) of Berkeley's SPICE 3 and permits interactive mixed mode circuit simulation. It was developed specifically to take advantage of the processing speeds available thus permitting extremely fast simulations.

McCAD 3-SPICE can be run in a conventional stand-alone configuration or fully integrated with McCAD Schematics Plus (get the SimPlus bundle) thus providing the designer with a schematic capture, simulation and graphic waveform generation in a truly integrated environment.

The 3-SPICE simulator provides accurate and flexible modeling of semiconductor devices, passive elements, and ideal switch components. 3-SPICE models include MOSFETs, GaAs MESFETs, resistors, capacitors, inductor models, Lossy transmission lines, Coupled transmission lines, Voltage and current-controlled switches.

The 3-SPICE simulator utilizes an enhanced version of the powerful industry standard Spice3 simulation engine and offers the same or more advanced features at a fraction of the price of other simulators. These simulation features include: Pole, Zero, Transfer Function, Distortion, Fourier, DC, AC, Transient, Fourier, Noise, Sensitivity, Distortion, and small signal transfer function, etc. It even supports the advanced BSIM3V3, and BSIM4.

The 3-SPICE simulator module allows you to analyze your simulation results, and view them in a variety ways. Apply complex math operations on the resultant data; such as finding the phase, magnitude, calculate the derivative, sine, cosine, tan log, and natural log. Graphical annotation allows you to mark up and make illustrations directly on your plot results, making it useful for generating reports.

<Superior Convergence and Speed

3-SPICE is based on a substantially enhanced version of SPICE 3. The underlying algorithms have been reworked to provide new analysis modes to improve convergence and speed. These major advances have been achieved with proprietary enhancements.

Stimulus for Simulation
Sinusoidal, constant, periodic pulse, exponential, single frequency FM, and piecewise linear waveforms are available as the building blocks for stimulus waveforms.

Cross Probing
When used with SchematicsPlus, Cross Probing allows you to display waveform results by simply marking pins, wires, and devices on the circuit drawing. Monitor results, then plot the results for linear or log-log scales.

Graphical Waveform Analysis
Simulation results can be selectively displayed and analyzed after having paused or completed the simulation. 3-SPICE's display capabilities are completely flexible allowing you to configure any number of plots, X and Y axes, and analog traces (i .e. waveforms) within the display area, as well as linear/log scales. You can also log sessions and print hard copies of the current display. You can display waveform results as they are generated. Also, cross probing allows you to select pins, wires, and devices within your schematic for automatic display of waveforms in the graph.

Analog traces may be displayed as raw voltages and current values, or further processed using arithmetic expressions, functions (e.g., derivatives, integrals, group delays, and RMS average), and Fast Fourier Transforms. View actual plot values corresponding to the cursor position on the graph.

McCAD 3-SPICE represents the next step in VAMP's ongoing efforts to provide electronic designers with the latest analog simulation capabilities at an affordable price.

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