Modularity.. Select only what you need.

At first glance the McCAD product offerings may seem rather intense until you discover that it is constructed so that you, the user, chooses only what he needs and is not forced to get that which he does not require.

  • Modules — These are the building blocks which you assemble so that you can get your job done. Each module deals with a specific area of a design.
  • Schematic Capture... Basic or Advanced
  • Analog/Digital Simulation
  • Printed Circuit Design
  • Autorouting
  • Gerber Translation & other utilities
  • Gerber Viewing & Import
  • Bundles — These are simply groupings of the individual modules. These are usually what most designers prefer for their tool sets. We have created these bundles to make it easier for procurement departments to order the software. There are only a few bundles and they do not cover all the possible configurations. If you don't see a bundled configuration that you need, you can then get the modules individually. Or you can get a bundle and then get other modules. Other than a slight difference in cost there is no difference between the modules found in a bundle and those obtained separately.

  • Why Two(2) Schematics Systems — Not everyone needs nor wants to deal with some of the complexities of using an Advanced system. The Basic schematic system is very easy to use and satisfies the needs of many, and at a lower cost. (Please Note: The Basic Schematic on Macintosh OSes ONLY functions upto Mac OSX 10.10.) However,for newer Macintosh OSes the demanding designer will find that the Advanced system provides the most capable capture system available today.

  • Then why not two(2) Layout modules — The requirements for board design are the same regardless of which schematic created the design. Thus one layout module will work with both schematic systems.

  • 3Spice Simulator — This module can be used with either of the schematic systems. It is better suited for use with the Advanced Schematic system because you can then use the cross-linking features which then make the two modules tightly integrated. If you use 3Spice with the Basic Schematic system then you must use the Traditional approach to simulation. If you don't understand the latter then download "QuickStart to Simulation" to get an understanding of the significant differences. Either arrangement will work, however working with the advanced schematic (as in the SimPlus Bundle) you will work much faster.

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