An Integrated Design Bundle

Please Note this bundle is no longer available for newer Macintosh OSes.

McCAD EDS-1 is an integrated Electronic Design System for the professional printed circuit designer. The EDS-1 system is a bundling of our individual standalone software modules into a single package providing the electronic designer with the necessary tools to manage a complete design project. The EDS-1 package consists of three modules.

Basic Schematic Capture
PCB Layout with Gerber
The McCAD Schematics module is a sophisticated engineering database management system that allows the electronic designer to easily create and revise electronic circuit designs (digital or analog) directly. It can access thousands of standard or custom on-line libraries in seconds, retrieving the necessary information to support the current design task at hand. It is an on -line system that constructs the databases as the design is created. This process differs from many other CAE systems that require the user to first create the complete schematic and then use post-processing utilities to complete the network definition. As a result, McCAD Schematics makes editing easy and provides absolute data extraction.

The user has at his disposal a large work surface that allows the creation of designs up to engineering "E" size (34" x 44"). McCAD Schematics also permits the designer to work on many independent drawings simultaneously. A sophisticated auto-interconnect routing engine facilitates rapid schematic interconnects. McCAD Schematics generates a variety of output formats which also includes a standard Spice list output which can be used with our McCAD 3-Spice mixed mode simulation package. The McCAD Schematics module fully integrates with the McCAD PCB-ST layout module.

The PCB-ST module is an integrated PCB layout design environment for the board designer who does serious layout work and requires the availability of powerful design and edit tools at his fingertips. PCB-STs' numerous automated features allows you to quickly and easily complete your board design.

PCB-ST is net list driven and supports full forward and backward annotation of all net and component attributes passed to and from our McCAD Schematics. Cross checking is a snap. PCB-ST contains many intelligent features such as auto via insertion, design rule checking, dynamic place, auto ground plane creation, and auto thermal dispersion, which simplify and assist the designer with his work.

A number of routing options are provided. Included within these options is an internal point to point router which assists the user who wishes to do line by line routing. This method of assisted routing has proven to be very effective for many analog designers.

The PCB -ST module also easily links into McCAD Tracker and McCAD Trailblazer which are optional full featured autorouting engines, employing "push and shove technologies", providing superior routing performance. Up to 16 layers can be routed at breakneck speeds as all of these routers are available in native OSs for the power user. McCAD Trailblazer provides the user with a flexible interactive routing mode.

McCAD PCB-ST contains features such as; an on-line library editor, user definable design libraries,custom SMT Macro generator, net and part query and editing,auto labeling and much, much more. For a detailed listing of the key features found in the PCB-ST module please select the MORE FACTS button below.

The Gerber Translator module converts the PCB-ST designs into a standard format Gerber photo-plotting text command file. This allows the user to produce the highest possible accuracy fabrication tools automatically. The generated format is universally accepted world-wide.

For a listing of key features and specifications of the primary modules in this bundle select the "MORE FACTS" button.