McCAD  Schematics Plus
      Advanced Schematic Capture

Schematic Plus' robust design environment allows the designer to quickly create basic or hierarchical designs. It supports both Simple as well as Complex hierarchies.


Affordable Design Capture, Quick, Easy to Use, Accurate, and Powerful

Schematic Plus is a refreshing change from other difficult to use EDA programs. Schematic Plus's intuitive design makes its operation quick and easy.

A completely integrated, modern user interface, circuit design environment, the Schematics Plus module allows you to quickly and easily capture your schematic designs. When connected to the optional 3SPICE simulator you can perform your simulation, and analyze the results using our powerful signal processor and waveform viewer. You can customize almost everything in the design environment. 

All this and at an affordable price!


Schematic Plus.. Capture/Editor
Whether your task is to create stand-alone circuit diagrams, or to prepare designs for simulation, Schematic Plus provides you with an efficient development environment for defining modular circuit designs either Hierarchically or Flattened. The Project Tree Manager window allows you to quickly locate any document at any level of your design.






Schematic Plus comes complete with symbol and package libraries containing thousands of parts and integrated symbol editing.

This full featured schematic editor comes complete with "rubberbanding", auto-scrolling, zoom, copy/paste/undo, and rotation/flipping of parts. All the features you would expect, but with the usual intuitive user interface found in all McCAD software systems.

Device Browser/Chooser
Choose parts from the parts database with an easy to use yet powerful parts browser. Filter the list down by part name, functional category, manufacturer, or keyword.

Library Symbol Editor
Create or edit your own part symbols in the library symbol editor. Symbols are stored in the program database. This powerful yet simple drawing program supports rotation, copy/paste, and grid lines.

User Scriptable Extractor

In addition to the standard extractions which include a variety of netlist and parts list formats, Schematic Plus also comes with a user modifiable Bill of Materials (BOM) report.  Since the extractor is fully scriptable almost any arrangement of data can be extracted and reported thus making Schematics Plus' collected data reportable to almost any other tool or data base system.

System Requirements

  • Windows NT/ 2k/ XP/ Vista/ 7(32) or
  • Macintosh OSX only