McCAD  SimPlus     Bundled Simulation System

Affordable Design & Simulation, Quick, Easy to Use,
Accurate and Powerful

The SimPlus is a refreshing change from other difficult to use EDA programs.
SimPlus's intuitive design makes its operation quick and easy.

McCAD SimPlus consists of two software modules which together create an integrated simulation design environment. These are the popular McCAD SchematicsPlus and McCAD 3-SPICE modules. SimPlus gives you a 32-bit analog, digital, mixed signal circuit design and simulation environment, sporting the same or more advanced features at a fraction of the cost of other capture and simulation systems.
Schematics Plus -- Capture
3Spice -- Simulation

Advanced Capture

Schematics Plus module allows you to quickly and easily capture your schematic designs, perform your simulation, and analyze the results using 3-SPICE's powerful signal processor and waveform viewer. You can customize almost everything in the design environment. 

When Schematics Plus is coupled to the simulator module in the SimPlus environment you can do cross-probing allowing you to display waveform results by simply marking pins, wires, and devices on the circuit drawing. Then monitor results and/or plot the results using linear or log-log scales.

System Requirements

SimPlus works on

  • Windows 98/ME/NT/2k/XP or,
  • Macintosh OSX. 

The Simulator

The integrated Simplus Environment allows you to develop and test your designs quickly. See results directly. Interact with the simulator to change circuit values, or plot the signals on different signals by simply pointing to a wire in the schematic and selecting it.

View the simulated results on the equivalent of a programable multi-channel oscilloscope.

The 3SPICE simulator provides accurate and flexible modeling of semiconductor devices, passive elements, and ideal switch components.

The 3SPICE simulator module allows you to apply complex math operations on the resultant data; such as finding the phase, magnitude, calculate the derivative, sine, cosine, tan log, and natural log.

Graphical annotation allows you to mark up and make illustrations directly on your plot results, making it useful in generating reports.

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"Schematic Plus"- system
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"3Spice"- simulator system