Schematics - General FAQs

Are the document files interchangeable between SchematicPlus and the Basic version?

Schematics Plus comes with a utility which allows you to migrate your Basic Schematic documents and libraries to the format used by Schematics Plus. This allows you to maintain these Basic databases when you upgrade to the advanced environment. However, you should not assume that the migrated databases are the same as designs created from scratch within the Advanced Schematic system. The conversion utility can not fill-in missing information because it probably does not exist within the Basic system. Keep this in mind when working with documents and libraries which have been migrated.

Conversely, migrating a document from a hierarchical data-base to that used in the basic system would be pointless as there would be no practical way to reconstruct the data so that it could be edited and displayed within the Basic Schematic system because hierarchical structure is not supported in that system. Therefore, there is no way to bring a Schematic Plus document into the Basic Document format.

Can you convert OrCAD schematic files to McCAD Schematics format?

Currently we offer a utility which will convert Orcad STD386 format documents. OrCAD does/did provide a means for producing that portable format. If you can get the documents into that format then you can migrate the documents using the utility we have. You will have to contact us about getting this conversion utility.

The utility first converts the OrCAD document to a Basic Schematics format document which can them be migrated to the Schematics Plus format.

Why do you not support non-orthogonal schematic wires?

Non-orthagonal wires are considered non-standard drawing practice. However, you can use curves in your library symbols.