Software Utilization Management - FAQs

I can't get the software to license correctly under the latest version of microsoft Vista. How do I do it?

The problem you are encountering is due to Microsoft's ever increasing security issues. Under Vista it has reached a point where you have to grant permission for nearly everything. One of the reasons that many have moved back to XP.

To get your authorization to work do the following.

  1. Unzip and install the software.
  2. When you want to authorize the software the first time on a machine, first select the software and RIGHT CLICK on the software. This will display a menu with a command which says "RUN as Administrator". You will next be presented with a dialogue window where you MUST grant permission to continue. You will then be allowed to continue with the licensing process. (See pictures of the menu and dialogue.)
  3. Fill out the McCAD registration information and you will be able to complete you registration.
  4. Subsequent running should not require you to force Administrative elevation.

You should also be able to access the RUN As Administrator command by using the right click button in the start menu.

Unfortunately you have do this process even if you are signed on as the Administrator. That is because under Vista there is no longer a true administrator level. You have to be a super administrator and there is no user level that can be assigned Globally. You only get there through a dialogue confirmation process. This is supposed to prevent web based Trojans from taking over your Vista machine.

I keep getting an error code 11405. What is the problem?

This is an error which can be encountered within large organizations with large networks. It means that the network connection to the GLSS server was either broken or was never completed. To fix this you must make sure that you are using the correct proxy server address in your network and the correct password for that server. Your MIS network manager should be able to provide you with this information. Enter or update this information in the Settings Panel (in the McCAD software) when licensing the software.

Is the software usable if I don't have valid authorization for the Pro-Mode?

Yes. However the software will usually revert to run in the Lite Mode. In this mode you can still use the design tools but the scope of your projects will be limited to small designs.

Can I put this software on more than one machine?

Yes. However the GLSS will only issue authorization tokens up to the number of licenses purchased with a specific Serial number. If you need more seats you can always order more if you do not wish to move the run token each time.

What is Location ID and where do i find it?

Every host machine has a unique hardware ID. This identifies the machine to the GLSS server. A portion of the ID is displayed in the "About Dialogue" (as shown below) just ahead of the User's serial number between the brackets. This code will also be visible on any machine where the license has been switched back to Lite mode.

How often can I move the authorization token?

As often as you wish via the WEB. The GLSS server is available 24 hours a day.

If I do not use the Internet method what is the turn around time in getting an authorization token?

Manually issued run tokens can only be processed during VAMP's normal business hours. Therefore the manual responses will take usually 24 to 72 hrs depending upon when the requests arrive.

I am unable to get authorization from the GLSS WEB server. What should I do?

Contact VAMP and report the Error message you are receiving. We will have to check the server records to determine the problem and what correction steps must be taken.

I am getting a 101 error code on my macintosh. What is causing this?

This error is telling you that the permission settings on your machine have been changed. This is most often reported when users upgrade their operating system or move their software to a new machine.

Specifically this error indicates that the ability to read or write to the area on your hard drive where support files for your McCAD products are stored has been restricted thus making it impossible for items such as your RUN tokens and other data to be stored locally on your machine. To eliminate this problem and the other issues which decend from this you must fix the permission settings on your machine.

Select the link below to view sample images of permission settings which work.

      View Permissions Images

Please note that the McCAD folder and its contents are set to "READ & WRITE" for ALL USERS.


Can I share my Serial number with others?

No. The serial number provides you with access to the GLSS™ system which monitors your license. If you give your number to someone else then you won't be able to get your own runtime token because someone else is already using it.

Is my Serial Number valid for all McCAD OS versions?

Your serial number only grants you access to those versions for which you have purchased a valid license and only for the specific OS.

Can I you use my license on more than one machine?

If your Serial Number has only a single user seat license assigned to it then you can move the run token between any number of machines you use. You must first remove the authorization from the active machine and return the token to the GLSS server. Then on the machine you wish to use (and running the appropriate OS for this license), get a new run token from the GLSS server. Doing this via the WEB only takes matter of seconds to accomplish. If your license has more than one user seat available to you then you can get a run token for a another machine. You can always add more user seats by contacting VAMP Inc.

Can I run on more than one machine at the same time?

This depends on the number of user seats that came with or are currently assigned to your License. If your maximum user count is one(1) then concurrent use is not available. Contact VAMP about adding more user seats.

Can I have more than one seat per serial number?

Yes. Contact Vamp Inc. about adding more.

Do I need to do anything special if I download an update from the McCAD Web Site?

The GLSS system will inform you if the update version you are trying to use is not licensed to you. If you are not licensed for the specific version series then you will need to contact VAMP Inc. and have your licensed status upgraded.

>Does my authorization token need to be refreshed?

This is handled automatically by the GLSS system. Periodically, if necessary, when you run your tools your run token is automatically checked and recharged by the GLSS server. The need to refresh is necessary to protect your investment in the license should your serial number ever be stolen. Should you lack a web connection for a very long time the application will inform you before the token expires to avoid any downtime.

What happens if I don't use the software or don't connect to the GLSS™ server for a very long time?

Just like a car battery the run charge will go flat and the software won't be able to start. Simply reconnecting with the GLSS™ server will restore operation to a licensed user. In the event you can not access the web you will have to contact VAMP to obtain an appropriate response code for your software.

Will GLSS™ work with a Proxy server?

Yes, provided the GLSS server address has not been blocked by the Proxy Filters.

If I have extra user seats available, can I get a new run token for a different machine before returning a Credit code?

If your specific serial number has available seats assigned to it then you will be able to obtain a new authorization token immediately. Otherwise you must first provide VAMP Inc. with your Credit Code so that your account can be properly adjusted before you can with draw a new authorization token for a different computer.

Can I reuse a manual authorization code string?

No. All code strings only work once.

Do I have to get a new Serial number each time upgrade?

No. Once you are running our newer versions your serial number identifies who you are to the GLSS web licensing system. This is one reason why you should never share your whole serial number.

Minor software updates are posted on this web site for you to download to keep your software series current. These downloads are free and only require that your license cover that version series.

Major Product releases will usually require a license upgrade in order to use the new product version series. Users who subscribe to extended product support will usually get these major releases as part of their ongoing support subscription. However, it is always best to inquire about your license before upgrading to a major new version.

I am an owner of McCAD software purchased prior to Sept. 27 2002 and have never upgraded. How do I get a new serial number?

You will have to upgrade your license. You can do that on our upgrades page.

What data is stored on the GLSS server?

Only the data needed for the registration of the user and the identification of the host platform is retained. This is done so that GLSS can identify a valid user should your serial number and license be stolen. This data is stored in encrypted form and is accessible only by VAMP Inc. This data is not shared with other entities.