McCAD Schematics
(Basic Capture System)

Operating Systems

  • Runs on any computer which supports your choice of systems below.
    • Macintosh..   OSX 10.4 thu 10.8. Use on newer systems is not
          supported. Users should use Schematics Plus for newer OSes.
    • MSWindows.. System Win NT/ 2K/ XP/ 7(32)

Revision Series

  • Version Series 4.0.x


  • The "user friendly" environment allows rapid acclamation to computer-aided drafting.
  • Multi-sheet documents can be linked to a project file from which a single net list and parts list can be extracted.
  • An on-line Library editor allows you to create new symbols without leaving the design environment.
  • Automatic label sequencing eliminates the problem of conflicting net names and reference designators.
  • The auto-name incrementing feature allows quick connection when creating break-out wires from busses.
  • McCAD Schematics supports "intelligent bussing". Each bus "knows" what signals it carries. On-line monitoring avoids accidental misconnections and movement of bus structures results in automatic update of all break-outs. Busses are automatically managed across multi-sheet documents.
  • Intelligent tie-point management results in fast dynamic updates when junctions are removed.
  • An Auto Interconnect Routing Engine automatically routes and connects devices across long distances.
  • Three interconnection techniques (automatic, semiautomatic and manual) are supported, allowing flexible and rapid design.
  • Device packaging is supported for both single and multiple sheets. The user can design at the gate or function level and then let McCAD Schematics package the design into real world devices.
  • Drafting speed is enhanced by allowing adjustment of individual wires while multiple objects are selected.
  • Devices and associated text can be rotated during and after placement.
  • A Library move and sort program is provided with your McCAD Schematics package.

Document Import/Export

  • ECO - Engineering Change Order manager. Links to McCAD PCB-ST/ EDS Layout packages
  • Schematics can be exported in DXF formats.
  • ASCll database files may be imported and exported.
  • User configured report generation.
  • Output documents; Schematic drawings, Net list, Wire list, Parts list, User Reports, Bill of Materials (BOM), Pen plotters (HPGL & DMP) scripts
  • Input Devices; mouse, keyboard, graphics tablet
  • Title Block; custom block creation
  • Output devices: OS compatible printers
  • Builtin DXF Output Format
  • Optional OrCAD to McCAD Translator


  • Zoom and Scaling; 10% to 900%; standard preset and user definable
  • Built-in Grids
  • Auto Grid - snap to nearest grid


  • Libraries - Thousands of standard components, CMOS, TTL, Discretes, Xilinx, etc., provided
  • On the Fly Library Editor

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