McCAD License Upgrade Price List

You must already possess a valid license for an older version in the same product series before you can use this upgrade price list. Also moving from MS Windows to Mac OS or vice versa is not an ungrade option.
Unless specified otherwise MS Windows is restricted to XP/Vista/ Win7, and Macs to OSX

After you have Purchased an Upgrade License for the software you have downloaded, you will receive via email with your new registration number which will enable the ProMode of the software or you may receive confirmation that your GLSS license has been updated. This may take 24 to 72 hours depending upon how long it takes to process your credit card order.


Product Code 


WEB Download*


EDS-1 Design Bundle includes these modules:

  • Basic Schematic Capture
  • PCB-ST Layout Editor
  • Gerber Translator
  • Support utilities
NOTE: Mac OSX support ONLY upto 10.8

$ 295.00

Selected OS


SimPlus Design Bundle includes these modules:

  • Schematic Plus
  • 60K+ device libraries
  • 3SPICE Simulator
  • Model libraries
  • Basic to Advanced document format migrator
  • Maintenance , document migration & support utilities

$ 275.00

Selected OS


Basic Schematics includes:

  • Basic Schematic Capture Module
  • Basic device libraries
  • Maintenance , document migration & support utilities

$ 145.00

Selected OS


SchematicsPlus includes:

  • Advanced Schematic Capture Module
  • 60K+ device libraries
  • Basic to Advanced document format migrator
  • Maintenance , document migration & support utilities

$ 175.00

Selected OS


PCB-ST includes:

  • Professional PCB Layout Editor
  • Gerber Translator
  • 5500+ External Footprints

$ 195.00

Selected OS


3Spice simulator features:

  • Analog Simulation
  • Digital Simulation
  • Mixed Mode support
  • engine based on Berkeley SPICE
  • Uses standard Berkeley Models
  • Can be used with either SchematicsPlus or the Basic Schematic Capture

$ 175.00

Selected OS


Trailblazer Autorouter module features:

  • High Performance
  • 100% Completion Class
  • Multilayer to 16
  • Interactive Mode

$ 345.00

Selected OS


Tracker Autorouter module features:

  • Batch Mode autorouter
  • Double-sided
  • Handles SMT

$ 195.00

Selected OS


Gerber Viewer - Professional
Features include:

  • Unlimited file size
  • 32 simultaneous view layers
  • Covert Gerber to McCAD
  • Convert Gerber to DXF
  • Printing

$ 95.00

Selected OS


* "WebDownLoad" means that you are only getting the electronic upgrade via an online download from our web site. Nothing is physically sent to you. Registered users will be notified by email as to their upgrade status.After you purchase your upgrade license you may download your software by selecting the "Downloads" on the left and then selecting "Updates".

The prices shown are for Web based upgrade purchases only. For additional information please contact us at 1-323-466-5533.

Non-WEB Based Upgrade Purchases:

Registered McCAD users who are unable to complete a WEB-based upgrade purchase, have the option of placing a Special Order Upgrade request for a physical "Boxed Upgrade". There is an additional cost for a "Boxed Upgrade" and in addition, taxes, duties, and shipping charge may also apply. For information as to the specific costs associated with your Special Order Upgrade Request, please contact us directly via:

  • Phone: 1-323-466-5533 (Office hours are 9.AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Standard Time)
  • Fax: 1-323-466-8564
  • E-mail:

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