GERBER Translator

The McCAD Gerber Translator is a utility that quickly and easily converts McCAD PCB-ST design databases into a standard Gerber 274X/D text photo-plot file. This Gerber translation utility is provided at no charge with the purchase of the PCB-ST layout tool.


  • Default support for Gerber 274X standard
  • Automatically extracts an aperture table of the most frequently used apertures from the file to be converted.
  • Generates an efficient Gerber file.
  • Under 274X supports fully integrated complex plane floods.
  • Automatic pre-sort and loading of Gerber Tool D-codes based on either a particular layer or all layers combined.
  • Automatically uses Fabrication definition tools from PCB-ST when available.
  • Temporarily change Fabrication Tooling definitions
  • Extract Pick & Place Data, Excellon Drill data
  • Separation of DRAW and FLASH Apertures.
  • Gerber data can be output for use in either VERBOSE or TERSE formats.
  • Gerber 2/3 Resolution Format.