If you have Download Problems

Though rare these days, it still does happen to users who use free or low cost ISPs (Internet Service Provider). Should you have problems in executing any downloaded file, first check the size of the document you downloaded. It should match that shown. If the byte count does not match then the download was not complete and you will have to try again.

You may have to check with your ISP if difficulty persists. Download problems usually arise from bandwidth restrictions of your ISP's routing systems. When their routers become overloaded they begin losing data packets. In some cases data packets, due to their routing paths, may arrive out of sequence and fool your browser into thinking that the file transfer is complete or that there is an error.


Possible Solutions:

  • Try downloading at another time when net traffic through your provider is lower.
  • Check with http:// www.internetweather.com to see how well your ISP is currently handling its data packets.
  • Change Internet providers.
  • Check with your ISP as to why they are having this high data loss.
  • Some Networks within large companys may have filters or problems with binary files. When available try the BinHex version. These are larger files but may have a better chance of getting through the company's network.
  • Download using someone else's system and network connection.



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