McCAD Autorouting Movie Samples

(Important Note: Older MS Windows OSs do not properly support these Movies. XP or Vista work best.)

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This short demo shows a blend of the routing algorithms utilized; use of the Heuristics passes for memory type interconnects as well as the use of the Push and Shove capabilities.

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This demo shows multi-thickness trace width routing with the added difficulty of single-layer routing constraint on a design with many cross-over interconnects. Please note that most other routers will have a difficult time with this task.

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This simple test file show how McCAD Autorouters offer superior routing solutions. Here a difficult problem is solved on a single layer using no vias. Other routing technologies would probably fail to complete because the use of vias would block available paths in this small board area.

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This is a routing nightmare for most other routers because of the placement and cross-over issues. Most other routers will usually choke and fail this test because they will use too many vias and block needed paths. Trailblazer and Tracker are vias misers and using effective Push & Shove algorithms, perform very well under this test.

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This shows McCAD Trailblazer routing a four signal layer solution for a design which has SMT devices on both sides of the PCB. This example shows all of Trailblazer's algorithms at work.